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What Kind of Damage Do Trees Cause?

What Kind Of Damage Do Trees Cause

Trees are an ever-important natural resource in our world. After all, they give shade, oxygen, wind protection and water filtration, and make our world lush and beautiful. However, as elegant as they are, they could cause serious damage to your home if they’re affected by the elements and by poor planning if they’re planted in a bad spot. In fact, your trees could cause any of the following issues:

What Kind of Damage Do Trees Cause

Building and Foundation Damage

Even though tree roots grow slowly, they exert tons of pressure on the area. As they move through the ground in search of water and nutrients, they disrupt the soil around them. As a result, tight soil compacts even tighter while loose soil becomes ineffective at supporting structural load. While the roots themselves won’t cause damage to your structure, the way they displace soil around your home puts your foundation at risk. In fact, older homes can rise as the soil moves and develop cracks within your structure where the roots grow.

Plumbing Damage

All homes have drainage systems for water to exit out of their homes. As such, it serves as a valuable destination for tree roots to get into since these systems are rich in water. Standard drain pipes have holes that allow for the movement of wastewater into the ground. However, these perforations serve as entry points for roots to get into and possibly block and damage the pipes until they are no longer functional. 

Landscape Damage

While trees are a great addition to your landscape, their roots can intrude into other areas intended for plants and ruin other greenery. In fact, as trees age, their roots become more visible on the surface due to wind and erosion. Also, during strong weather events, there’s a chance that tree branches can fall onto your roof and gutters, and cause damage to them which can be costly to repair.

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