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Seamless Gutters

Professional Seamless Gutters from Advantage Home Pros

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a homeowner is to invest in professional seamless gutter installation from experts who handle them all day, every day. It’s why we started our company originally! Professional seamless gutters protect both the exterior and interior of your home, year-round, including your home’s foundation and your landscaping. From rain to melting snow, the right seamless gutter and downspout system ensure that excess moisture runs off and away from your home reliably, for decades to come. For seamless gutter installation done right, look to Advantage Home Pros.

Seamless Gutter Contractor in Brainerd MN

We Install the Best Gutters in the Industry

For everything from new seamless gutter installation to refreshing your current gutters, Advantage Home Pros has the industry know-how to handle it all. We are truly dedicated to achieving the highest level of service possible by providing our customers with the best professional gutter experience from beginning to end. Our team of gutter experts takes pride in what we do, guiding you along the gutter journey around your home to help you get the best looking and most functional gutter system for your specific needs. When it comes to gutters, trust the experience and expertise of Advantage Home Pros.

Seamless Gutter Installation in Brainerd MN

Gutter Varieties

Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard

Seeking a permanent solution for your clogged gutters? Professional gutter guards from Advantage Home Pros will keep your hands out of the gutter for good.

Our Process

Our Expertise, Your Advantage

Advantage Home Pros started out with a vision to provide seamless gutter systems that truly work for our customers, and that was many years ago. Today we are pleased to have perfected the seamless gutter installation process, keeping everything as efficient as possible. Here’s what the process looks like:

  • Our Team Gathers Custom Estimates for You
  • Together, We Select the Right Gutter Type for Your Home
  • We Order Supplies & Schedule Installation
  • Our Installation Technicians Install from Start to Finish
  • You Enjoy a 25-Year Warranty on Your Seamless Gutter System
  • Consider Gutter Guard to Really Top Things Off

Our Seamless Gutter Systems

We take immense pride in offering the Alu-Rex product line, featuring the DoublePro and T-Rex systems. These innovative solutions act as continuous hangers, fortifying your gutters from end to end. Not only do they provide robust reinforcement, but they also serve as effective shields against leaves, debris, snow, and ice, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your gutter system.

Advantage Home Pros offers both the Double Pro and the T Rex Gutter Systems. Double Pro is a dual-action gutter protection system. This continuous hanger™ with built-in guard is designed to stand up to the worst weather conditions in North America and keep your gutter free of debris and ice year after year.

T-Rex is also a continuous fastening system for gutters. It mounts rain gutters solidly on houses, making them much sturdier and more longer-lasting that those mounted with spikes and hangers spaced at intervals.

What Makes Our Gutters Better?

Not all gutters are the same, which is why we’re proud to install some of the best in the industry. Our custom seamless gutters feature the thickest gauge aluminum, strongest hangers available on the market, closer hanger spacing, stainless steel fasteners, box miters, oversized downspouts, the number one gutter covers on the market, and a 25-year warranty. There is a proven reason for every part of our gutter system, and quality is extremely important to us here at Advantage Home Pros. In fact, our mission is to provide exceptional quality and customer service through professional craftsmanship and customer relationships. Want to know more? Read on!

Our Materials Are Top-Notch

At Advantage Home Pros we understand the need for top-quality materials. We use 0.032 inch aluminum gutter coil, which is the thickest, aluminum coil that can be roll formed in a gutter machine. Our hangers are made of Heavy stamped aluminum, the strongest available on the market, and provide our gutters with extra strength and support.

Even our fasteners are made of stainless steel to further increase strength. We install the best gutter protection on the market as well, to increase the efficiency of our gutters, along with oversized downspouts to allow for substantial free-flowing water. All of these materials come together to create exceptional gutter systems. We guarantee the strength and durability of our gutter systems.

We Guarantee Durability

Our Brute hanger is the strongest hanger on the market, with a lifetime warranty. We put them up every 18 to 20 inches inside of our gutters. By doing so, we add strength and durability to our gutter systems. Other gutter companies use weaker hangers and space them 24 to 36 inches apart. 

We use only stainless-steel fasteners, Industry Standard is Zinc screws, which only last about 5 to 10 years, and the most common cause of a gutter system failure is due to the screws rusting and snapping off. Also, stainless steel screws never leave those unsightly rust spots and streaks on the gutters and downspouts.

A box miter overlaps the gutter and makes the turn on the house. We angle-cut the gutter into the box miter to give it maximum support, which also allows us to seal in between the miter and gutter. This is important to ensure that the miter does not leak as the gutter expands and contracts over the year. Our gutter systems are adapted to your home!

We Choose the Best Brands

Advantage Home Pros is proud to offer the Alu-Rex product line, renowned as the best in the gutter market, backed by an extensive industry-leading warranty. The Alu-Rex line is divided into two categories: one designed for integration into existing rainwater management systems, and the other aimed at enhancing the durability and resilience of new gutters while serving as a highly effective gutter guard. Alu-Rex provides a 25-year clog-free guarantee for the existing gutter line, ensuring your gutters remain free from blockages. As for new gutters, the DoublePro® stands as the ultimate choice, offering a lifetime guarantee for both clog-free performance and sturdiness. It’s the only gutter guard with a clog-free warranty that covers heavily pined areas.

We Offer a Full Warranty

Yes – a full 25-year warranty comes with all of our seamless gutter installations. We warranty all of our work and products for 25 years. While we do aim for perfection, we are only human. If fixes are needed, our technicians will smooth out any defects in installation such as a leaky miter or a gutter that holds water. We stand by our work and customer satisfaction is our top priority here at Advantage Home Pros.

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