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Autumn Home Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Gutter installation and fall maintenance

Autumn marks the time of the year when you need to prepare your home for the harsh winter season. However, prepping a home for the cold months can be tricky, especially for inexperienced homeowners. From gutter installation to your roofing and siding, we’re here to talk about common autumn home maintenance mistakes that you should avoid.

Gutter installation and fall maintenance

Going up the Roof

While it is important to check your roof for signs of problems in preparation for winter, it’s never a good idea to just get a ladder and inspect it from ground level. Aside from the risk of accidentally stepping and breaking a few shingles and injury-causing slip-ups, there’s also the chance that you’ll still miss a few telltale signs of roofing issues that have to be addressed. Getting a professional roof inspector to check your roof is always a better option.

Forgetting the Gutters

Having the roof checked is a good idea, but some homeowners make the mistake of forgetting the gutters. This is especially true for seamless gutters which are very low-maintenance. However, low maintenance doesn’t automatically mean you can leave it untouched. You still need to check the gutter for signs of leak or clogging because that’s where most of the water runoff flowing from your roof will go to.

Power-Washing Everything

A lot of homeowners make the mistake of using their power washers at full force, stripping surfaces of their protective coatings and forcing water into small seams. If you need to thoroughly clean your home’s surfaces, hiring a professional is better since they use the right combination of water pressure and scrubbing to clean your surfaces without causing damage.

Applying Sealant Over Old Caulk

Flashing strips and half-round gutters have to be checked for signs of cracked caulking or sealant along the seams. However, you should never apply new sealant over an existing one because it tends to create air pockets that causes the seal to crack sooner than later. A hired professional will be able to get rid of the old caulk and apply a fresh layer of sealant to ensure a fresh, lasting, waterproof seal.

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