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Roof Shoveling

Taking Snow Off Your Mind, And Your Roof

Roofs should always be kept clear of heavy snowfall! This prevents ice dams from forming and damage from the weight of built-up snow. When you’re in need of a safe and professional rooftop clearing, call the Advantage Snow Pros!

Snow Removal in Brainerd MN

Our team will safely remove rooftop snow and prevent damage to the surface of your roof. Prevent roof collapse and maintain the structural integrity of your home just by putting this simple chore on our list instead of yours.

Let’s Start Shoveling

  • We shovel entire roofs with the use of plastic shovels to ensure no damage is done
  • We charge $300 per hour, 1-hour minimum, which gives you two technicians for required safety protocols and increased efficiency.
  • We’re fast and good at what we do! Give us a call and make roof shoveling hassle-free.

Other Seasonal Services