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Residential Snow Blowing

Keeping Your Driveway Clear All Winter

Available to homes and residential properties in Brainerd, Minnesota! Want a low-maintenance winter? Leave the snow maintenance to us! When winter creeps in, our Advantage Home Pros become Snow Pros, keeping your home base clear of unwanted snow and piles. We’ll ensure fresh-fallen snow is professionally cleared—both from your driveway, and your to-do list.

Residential Snow Removal Services in Brainerd MN

Enjoy more time doing what you love and leave the snow removal to us. Besides the convenience of not having to brave the cold, we’ll also keep unsightly buildup out of your yard with our professional-grade snow blower that eliminates piles and guarantees no damage to your landscape. What’s not to love? (Speaking of love, this service makes a great gift for those you care about!)

Our Process

  • Free Estimate Prior to First Snow Blow
  • Guaranteed Snow Blow Every Time Snow Accumulates to 2 Inches or More
  • Automatically Routed to Keep You on Schedule
  • Billing Takes Place on the 1st of Every Winter Month We Have Previously Serviced
  • Currently Only Available in Brainerd, Minnesota

Get a Free Residential Snow Removal Estimate

Available only in Brainerd, Minnesota, get in touch with our local team to see if our snow removal expertise is right for you. Call us today at 218-451-4760 or fill out the form below.

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