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It’s only natural to have questions when working on something as important as your home. Let’s get right into it with some of the ones our team hears most often. Scroll through to get the scoop and then reach out with any additional inquiries and we’ll help sort it all out for you. Our team is here to serve!

Why Advantage Over Storm Chasers?

While storm chasers seem to always be in the right place at the right time (the minute it stops hailing, for instance), their ability to follow through isn’t as strong as a locally owned business like Advantage Home Pros. We’re have a solid local presence in the community, our staff are all local residents too, and we have successfully built our business on providing quality solutions for homes time and time again. Our results are unmatched, and our service can’t be beat. Come to someone you know will stick around long enough to see the project through to completion, and who will get it done right the first time. Oftentimes we’ll have you money over the other guys as well.

Are Estimates Free?


Do We Do Custom Work?

Yes! Advantage Home Pros is happy to create custom solutions for your home. In addition to our Designer Gutters, we are able to make something just for you that best suits the look and feel you’re going for, without sacrificing functionality.

How Long Do Seamless Gutters Take to Install?

At Advantage Home Pros, we have Seamless Gutter installation down to a science. We’ll start with a measurement appointment where you’ll get final estimates, we’ll select the type of gutter together, and get your project scheduled. Once our local installation technicians are on site at your residence, you can expect the project to be completed in one to two days, depending on the size of your home.

What’s Our Snow Removal Policy?

Depending on whether you need residential or commercial snow removal, we’ll get you on a regular schedule so that you can depend on our crew to keep snow out of your path. For commercial businesses under contract, we’ll get you on a route that ensures we plow every time snow accumulates to 2 inches or more. At residential homes in Brainerd, MN, our team will simply ensure snow is blown out of the way, pile-free, any time measurable snow flies.

What’s Our Roofing Process?

Our typical roofing process entails getting an accurate estimate, helping you select the type of roof or shingles that best fit your home and budget, ordering supplies, and scheduling a date. Depending on the size and pitch of roof, we are typically able to turnaround residential roofs in one to two days once shingles are delivered. Our local crew will take great care of your lawn and home to ensure no damage is experienced during the roofing process. We top everything off with matching end caps and ensure things are done in a seasonable and timely manner.

What Types of Roofs Do We Do?

Every roof need is different, which is why we work with all kinds. In our 20+ years of experience, Advantage Home Pros has worked with asphalt, cedar, metal, rubber, and flat roofs. You name it, we’ve roofed it! We also offer Roof Maxx to ensure you get the longest life out of your asphalt shingles.

What Types of Gutters Do We Have?

We offer half-round, 5in K-Style, 6in K-Style, and Designer Series gutters. All this to ensure the best fit for your home and budget! We’re able to design something custom as well.

Do We Offer Financing?

Yes! We are pleased to be able to offer competitive financing options to home projects like seamless gutter installation and roofing through our partner, GreenSky. You can secure your application easily online here.

Are Our Crews “In-House” or Outsourced?

The Advantage difference is in the people we hire. We provide on-the-job training to our crews so that we’re providing a consistently efficient experience to every project we touch. We are proud to be able to service our projects with our on-staff crew, and do not outsource to subcontractors.

Are We GAF Certified Contractors?

Yes, we’ve been a GAF Certified roofing contractor since 2010.

Do We Give Back to the Community?

We do! And we’re proud to do so. Advantage Home Pros has a dedicated number of service hours we provide to organizations like Habitat for Humanity, and we also make donations in the form of our services to places like the Rhinelander Food Pantry, who we gifted a new seamless gutter and downspout system in the fall of 2023.