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Steaming & Ice Dam Removal

Safe & Swift Thawing of Emergency Ice Dams

When ice dams form, it’s essential to put a solution into place. Enter Advantage Home Pros and our Roof Steaming Services. Our team will provide an estimate to remove the ice dam using steam, which then prevents roof leaks and related damage to your home’s interior.

Ice Dams Removal Services in Brainerd MN

Our Ice Dam Removal Process Includes:

  • Removal of snow from the ice dams with shoveling up to the dam if this has not already been removed.
  • Use of on-site running water and power from the home.
  • Spraying steam under the block of ice until all moisture is removed.
  • Cleanup and salting of any fallen ice or snow onto already cleared areas.
  • Flat rate of $400/hour with a 2-hour minimum. (We’ll bill to the nearest half-hour from when our professional technicians arrive to when all equipment is loaded and back in the vehicle.)
  • While billing takes place after steaming is complete, an on-file credit card is required. 

All About Steaming

The removal of an ice dam is considered an emergency procedure, as each passing hour is a risk for the integrity of the home and its interior. To get started, our team will work together to hook up to your power and water sources and shovel the roof so that we can reach the ice and cut trenches into it. We start at the bottom of the roof and steam uphill to keep all moisture away from the house.

Once we cut the trenches into the ice, we spray steam under the ice from the backside. There may be large ice chunks that will come off the roof. As part of the job, we do make sure that any walkways, decks, and driveways are free of any ice that has fallen. If you would like us to remove any of the large chunks of ice that may fall into your yard, we can account for that with the hourly charge for the job.


Our technician’s time starts from the time they arrive in your driveway to the time they put the last hose in the truck. We are motivated to get these dams cleared quickly, so we can move on to the next customer. These ice dam removal services are billed at a rate of $400 an hour at a minimum of two hours. Any time after the first hour is prorated in half-hour increments of $200 to the closest half-hour. If you shovel the snow before our technicians arrive, that does save some time in the hourly billing. We like to recommend ways that may save some money with this process!

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