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Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage: What It Should Include

Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage What It Should Include

Having proper insurance is one of the most important must-haves of reputable roofing contractors. With this, you can be sure you are protected from certain liabilities. But have you ever wondered what is covered? Read on to learn about the things to look for in your roofing contractor’s insurance coverage.

Roofing Contractor Insurance Coverage What It Should Include

Property Protection

This can take many forms. One example involves a specific re-roofing clause, which specifies coverage for repairs or re-roofing. This, however, doesn’t include coverage for the initial roof construction. Another example is the open roof coverage. Here, the coverage includes not just the roof itself, but also the entire property.

General Business Liability

With commercial roofing, this aspect of roofing contractor insurance protects the company’s assets and also pays for the costs incurred due to property damage or injury that happened during the roofing project. When it comes to residential roof repair or replacement, however, this is a bit different. Instances of accidental injury or property damage are covered by not just general liability insurance, but also workers’ compensation.

Limits and Minimum

Contractors should clearly state the limit and minimums in their insurance coverage. Businesses tend to have an insurance checklist that mentions the required minimums.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Standard insurance can include additional coverage based on your property and your needs. While it’s not a total essential for many properties, you may need it if you have specific requirements in mind. For instance, historical properties may have to adhere to a particular look or roofing material. Regardless of the additional coverage, be sure that it is clearly stated in the terms and conditions.

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