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What Gutter Style Is Best for Your Home?

What Gutter Style Is Best for Your Home?

Different homes have different needs. Understanding the specific needs of a home is essential to dealing with, and ultimately, resolving many of the problems that occur to it. Gutters are no exception to this rule.

What Gutter Style Is Best for Your Home?

Types and Sizes

The type of gutter installation your home needs depends primarily on how much water you expect to divert away from your siding and foundation. Determining the size and dimensions of your gutters involves some complex calculations that include factors such as average rainfall and the gradient of the slope of your roof. Typically, a professional gutter installation company can handle all this work during an initial consultation.

Shapes and Styles

Advantage Seamless Gutters offers K-style gutters in both 5- and 6-inch widths. K-style gutters are characterized by their flat bottoms and backs. The outer side can be shaped with varying designs, the most common of which are curves and ogees, made to look like they are part of a crown molding.

It’s common to find half-round gutters on homes with more traditional styles. The trough itself is shaped cross-sectionally as a half-circle, as its name suggests. While half-round gutters have their own distinct appeal in some homes, capacity-wise, K-style gutters are more efficient when it comes to water flow.


There are many different materials that gutters can be made out of but the most common ones are aluminum, copper, vinyl and stainless steel. Every material has its own list of advantages and pricing greatly depends on your choice of material.

Stainless steel seamless gutters are virtually indestructible as both gutter fastener and gutter trough, but they can be a little on the costly side. Aluminum is a reasonably priced alternative that offers the same rust-proof finish while sacrificing only a little bit of structural durability.

The bronze-like patina of copper gutters goes well with rustic styles and are sought after by those aiming to preserve their home’s historic design. The main drawback for copper gutters is their price, coming in at almost 3 to 5 times the price of aluminum gutters.

Helping You With All Your Gutter Needs

Advantage Seamless Gutters provides clients with professionally installed gutters, guaranteed to help your home manage water drainage while maintaining its curb appeal. Call us today at 218.558.0575 and get a free estimate. We serve Alexandria and Bemidji, MN, and all nearby areas.