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Roof Flashing Maintenance: What You Need to Know

Roof Flashing Maintenance What You Need To Know

Preventive roof maintenance helps keep the whole system in good condition throughout the year. This means checking and maintaining all the components, including the flashings. These, in particular, are some of the most integral parts of your roof because they protect the most leak-prone areas of the roof.

Roof Flashing Maintenance What You Need to Know

Checking for Leaks

Roof flashings are used to cover gaps in areas where two opposing surfaces meet. These include chimneys, vents, dormers, valleys and skylights. When there are signs of leaks, it’s worth checking them first to see if they have failed. If so, moisture can find its way into the inner roofing layers through the resulting gaps.

Checking your roof’s flashings must be done at least once a year, regardless if you need a roof repair or not. In doing this, you can be sure these components don’t deteriorate. You can also stay on top of other issues before they become costly repairs.

Inspecting Your Flashings

Flashings, like the other roof components, are vulnerable to wear and tear due to constant exposure to the elements. When inspecting them, make sure to check if the screws and seals are still intact. Examine the metal where the flashings’ edges are attached as well.

Also, see to it that the screws are made from the same metal as the flashing. Otherwise, galvanic corrosion may occur as a result of two different metals coming into contact with each other. Replace the screws right away; after which, you have the option to cover them with a roofing cement to protect the flashings further from moisture infiltration that could lead to water damage.

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