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How to Give Cedar Shakes the Care They Need

How To Give Cedar Shakes The Care They Need

Wood roofing is known for its durability, but it is also notorious for its demanding maintenance requirements. While cedar shakes can withstand repeated beatings from high winds and large hailstones on their own for a long time, they can never win against water in a war of attrition.

How to Give Cedar Shakes the Care They Need

To make your cedar shakes last for as long as possible without spending too much on roof repair, you should do the following:

Add Copper or Zinc Strips

In addition to periodic application of wood preservative, installing strips of copper or zinc at the ridge can discourage different kinds of organic growth. These metals are lethal to algae and moss.

When it rains, the water scatters the pest-killing properties of copper or zinc throughout different parts of the roof. As a result, your cedar shakes can age gracefully and stay free from unsightly organisms trying to feed on them.

Cut Overhanging Branches

Any experienced roofing contractors will recommend trimming nearby branches to reduce the chance of debris buildup on the rooftop. Dead foliage sets the stage for moisture accumulation, which is bad news for cedar.

Remove Any Stuck Debris

A sloped roof can normally get rid of leaves and twigs with the help of gravity. However, there are tricky areas that prevent debris from falling to the ground. It is imperative to keep your cedar roof clear at all times.

Unclog Gutters

Speaking of clearing debris, make sure there aren’t any blockages in your gutters and downspouts. They must always be empty if they are to drain water efficiently.

Maintain Continuous Airflow in the Attic

Poor ventilation can result in costly premature roof replacement. If any of the intake and exhaust vents are blocked, your cedar roof could become warm enough to briefly melt the snow and pave the way for ice damming in winter.

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