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Why You Shouldn’t Let Ice Hang Around on Your Roof and Gutters

Why You Shouldn't Let Ice Hang Around on Your Roof and Gutters

Winter is always celebrated as a time to enjoy snowball fights, skiing and Christmas gift-giving. It is, on the other hand, a time when temperatures go down below freezing, turning water into ice. Homeowners should know that ice is bad news for roofs and gutters. Why is that? Advantage Seamless Gutters shares a few reasons why homeowners should do their best to keep ice off of their roof and gutters.

Why You Shouldn't Let Ice Hang Around on Your Roof and Gutters

Snow and Ice Can Put Too Much Pressure on the Roof and Gutters

Too much snow on the roof is dangerous. It can put too much weight on the roof and cause it to collapse. Ice on the gutters can also cause several problems. These includes cracking and crumbling, downspout blockage and falling gutters.

Since they have fewer joints, seamless gutters allow water and snow to flow freely better than sectional gutters. It’s best to use these.

Snow Melt Can Flood Your Home

Gutters play an important part in draining snow and ice melt, and directing them away from home. Clogged or damaged gutters and downspouts, however, aren’t able to direct water and snow away.

Snow that stays near the home’s structure can cause structural problems when it melts in warmer weather. Gutter cleaning is needed to help drain snow and ice melt away from the home.

Ice Dams Can Damage Your Home

Don’t be fooled – ice dams might look good to you but those icicles actually spell trouble unless they are removed. They are quite harmless while the weather remains cold, but they can be devastating to the home once the temperature starts to rise.

Ice dams, when melted, form pools of water that can seep under the roofing shingles, and eventually into the ceilings and wall. This moisture can cause a lot of damage, which includes sagging or rotting wood, peeling paint, and the growth of molds. These will be very costly to repair.

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