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3 Things to Avoid in an Ice Dam Removal Company

3 Things to Avoid in an Ice Dam Removal Company

Ice dam removal has to be done properly by trained professionals. Making the wrong moves and using the wrong tools will only lead to more problems that will cost homeowners time, money and personal comfort. Fortunately, our expert ice dam removers at Advantage Seamless Gutters know the best practices for ice dam removal and gutter cleaning service. Here are some things real ice dam removers avoid doing:

3 Things to Avoid in an Ice Dam Removal Company

Using the Wrong Equipment

Ice dam removal requires the use of appropriate tools such as steamers. Other tools like hammers, chisels, shovels and blowtorches shouldn’t be used to remove ice dams as they might damage the roof, which leads to more problems such as leaks.

Not Using Steam

As mentioned, ice dam removal requires the use of steam. By using steam, removers can surgically cut through ice and remove it from the roof as safely as possible.

The use of hot water is not recommended for a few reasons. First, it won’t melt ice fast enough for the ice to be removed. Second, the water used to remove the ice might cause leaks. Third, the process of using hot water to remove ice dams is very time-consuming, which means you’ll have to pay more for the job to be finished.

Wrong Techniques

Professional ice dam removers like Advantage Seamless Gutters use the right techniques when working to remove ice dams. They spray steam on large pieces of ice at a time so they can remove them safely before moving on to another part of the roof. Inexperienced removers, on the other hand, spray steam on the entire roof in vain.

Expert ice dam removes are also careful not to leave footprints on the snow on the roof. This is because snow gets compacted when stepped on, and forms new ice dams in the process. Pros carefully clear a path before working, and stand on bare roofing when working.

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