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How to Address Hidden Factors Affecting Your Roofing Project

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When planning your roof replacement project, you should be aware of several factors that may appear during the construction process. Some of these will be beyond your control, but you can still prepare for them in case they happen. This includes setting aside a budget to cover unexpected damage and repairs.  

How to Address Hidden Factors Affecting Your Roofing Project

Here’s a look at some of the factors that can increase the overall cost of your roof replacement project.

Structural Wear and Tear 

Sometimes, your roof installation team may find signs of deterioration and decay while tearing off your old roof. This shouldn’t be ignored as it’s likely caused by a hidden water leak somewhere in the structure. Other causes of deterioration include mold growth, rot damage and even pest infestation. These won’t always appear until after the old materials are removed. 

Emergency repairs must be made to avoid further damage to the rafters, trusses and other structural components. Although this may delay the project, it’s still necessary to ensure the new roof can protect your home properly.

Non-Compliant Roofing System

Before starting construction, most roofing contractors will inspect the roof to identify and address damage and other issues. One of the things they’ll look into is whether or not the existing roofing structure is following local building codes. These are issued by your city, county or state to ensure your roof meets standard safety measures. If your current roof is already a few decades old, you can assume that it isn’t up to code. Leave it up to your local contractor to ensure your new roof complies with the latest building regulations in your area.

Hidden Water Traps

While this problem is often caused by long-term weather damage, poor roof design and workmanship are also likely causes. Hidden water traps are often found in places that are highly susceptible to leaks, such as roof valleys. This is also often hard to detect and won’t be noticeable until during roof tear-off. To prevent premature damage and repairs to your new roof, it must be properly addressed before resuming construction.

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