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What Are Gutter Strainers?

What Are Gutter Strainers

Gutter strainers are designed to filter leaves and twigs out of gutter systems. Because of their simple design, these strainers are quick and easy to install. Some manufacturers even use a smaller mesh size to more effectively filter out debris. But are gutter strainers enough to protect your gutter system? 

What Are Gutter Strainers?

To help you decide if gutter strainers are an option that you should consider, Advantage Seamless Gutters shares more information in this post.

What Are Gutter Strainers?

Also called downspout strainers, gutter strainers keep leaves and twigs out of the gutter system. They are typically made of copper, steel or aluminum. They can be made with dense, thick meshes to keep out leaves and larger debris or thinner meshes to also filter out smaller debris.

Gutter strainers are less expensive than gutter covers, and they’re easier to find in hardware stores because they are common gutter protection solutions. They can even be installed without the assistance of a professional, and you can easily empty them during maintenance. That’s why these wire meshes are a popular DIY solution among homeowners. 

Are Gutter Strainers Really Effective?

Installing a gutter strainer can prevent clogs and increase the water flow rate. However, gutter strainers are not as good as professionally installed gutter protection systems. They don’t filter out as much debris as gutter covers, so the risk of clogging isn’t eliminated. With gutter strainers, sludge could still form when leaves and debris come in contact with rainwater, creating a blockage in your gutter system. If you want effective and long-term protection for your gutters, you should invest in gutter guards.

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