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Fallen Leaves: Ways They Can Harm Your Roof

Fallen Leaves: Ways They Can Harm Your Roof

In fall, temperatures start to drop, foliage changes color and trees begin shedding leaves. While this season brings comfort to many, it can bother some. That’s mainly because of all the fallen leaves that need to be removed. You don’t want them to build up and stay too long on your roof because they can cause damage.  

Fallen Leaves: Ways They Can Harm Your Roof

A local installer of seamless gutters explains what can happen when you allow fallen leaves and other debris to accumulate on your roof.

What Can Fallen Leaves Do to Your Roof?

Leaves on your roof can get wet when it rains and get stuck there. They can retain moisture, which in excess could lead to mold growth, rot and structural issues. These leaves can deteriorate shingles faster, resulting in early failure. Once shingles wear off, water will eventually seep beneath the roof and leak inside your home. The buildup of debris can also put excessive weight on your roof. Wet leaves can become heavy quickly, which can strain your roof and home’s structure. 

How Do You Avoid These Issues?

Roofs can withstand harsh weather conditions and the elements, but they can only take so much. Yours should last well as long as you maintain it regularly. Keep in mind that maintenance often doesn’t cost as much as repairs or a replacement. Routine roof and gutter cleaning are parts of keeping this part of your home in good condition.

One of the best ways to minimize debris on your roof and gutter is to keep nearby trees trimmed. They might shade your home and help your interior stay cool but they can also cause a lot of fallen debris in this season. There is also the risk of heavy branches and leaves falling and causing damage to your property during an extreme weather event. 

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