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3 Maintenance Tasks Only Professionals Should Handle

3 Maintenance Tasks Only Professionals Should Handle

Sometimes, it just makes more practical —and financial sense—to let the professionals handle the daily maintenance of certain parts of your home. These tasks include:

3 Maintenance Tasks Only Professionals Should Handle

1. Cleaning Black Mold 

You should be able to scrub off tiny spots of black mold using a bleach solution, a soft brush and with a bit of elbow grease. However, you should let cleaning professionals clean large mold infestations. That’s because black mold can aggravate respiratory conditions. Not to mention it’s notoriously difficult to remove.

2. Removing Debris From Your Gutters 

Your gutters should be cleaned every day. Otherwise, leaves, twigs and all kinds of organic debris can accumulate in your gutters, causing rainwater to spill onto your roof and exterior. However, it’s best to let a local gutter company handle all your gutter cleaning tasks.

Why hire gutter cleaners when you can easily do it yourself? Well, aside from the risk of accidents, some pests may be lurking in your gutters. Disease-carrying rodents and birds prefer nesting in small spaces that can provide shelter from the elements, after all. Gutter professionals would know how to remove these pests in a humane way.

Maintenance Tip:  You can reduce your gutters’ maintenance requirements by installing gutter guards. Gutter guards prevent leaves and pine needles from entering and clogging your gutters, reducing its maintenance needs. Keep in mind that not all gutter guards are made equal—some brands offer a higher level of protection. One such brand is Valor Gutter Guard, which was recently named America’s best gutter guard by the NCR Consumer Reports and Advocacy Group. Valor gutter guards have a patented S-curve design that makes sure leaves and debris don’t stay on top of gutter covers, reducing the risk of rooftop fire hazards. To learn more about Valor gutter guards’ features, consult your local gutter installers.

3. Air Ducts and Crawl Spaces 

Cleaning small and hard-to-reach spaces can be tricky, which is why only professionals should clean these areas.

Looking for experienced gutter contractors in your area?

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