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Places in and Around Your Home Where Pests Could Be Hiding

Places in and Around Your Home Where Pests Could Be Hiding

Even well-cleaned homes can be infested with pests large or small. No matter the season, creatures such as bugs and rodents can be a pain to deal with, especially if they are hiding in and around your home. However, if you keep an eye on certain areas, you can preserve your home’s structural integrity and protect you and your family from various health and safety hazards.

Places in and Around Your Home Where Pests Could Be Hiding

Today, Advantage Seamless Gutters, one of the leading gutter installation contractors in the area, shares parts of your home where pests could be hiding.


When finding the source of your home’s pest problem, be sure to look up. Your ceiling is one of the prime locations where spiders and cockroaches travel, breed and find food. The insides of light fixtures can also be filled with dead bugs—insects, after all, are attracted to warmth and light. If they keep a safe distance from the light bulb, they can survive and hide out in them.


The garage is also a hotbed for pests. It is usually dark and filled with so many items, so it’s not surprising to expect bugs and rodents to take shelter there after invading your home. It’s an easy waypoint between your indoors and outdoors and can provide food sources through cardboard boxes and garbage.


Whether you have sectional or seamless gutters, these important components of your home must be free from leaves, twigs and debris that cause clogs. Aside from blocking water run-off, the organic matter collecting inside your gutters can become a shelter or breeding place for bugs, rodents and even birds.

If you have a functioning gutter system, Advantage Seamless Gutters can help maintain them through our comprehensive gutter cleaning services. We offer gutter cleaning contracts for multiple cleanings throughout the year so you can enjoy debris-free gutters that work efficiently at any time.

Count on us for your gutter needs. We offer high-quality K-style and half round gutters, as well as gutter guards to protect the entire system from debris. Call us today at 218.558.0575 to get started or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate. We serve residents of Alexandria, MN, and the surrounding communities.