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Keeping Your Cedar Shake Roofing in Great Shape

Keeping Your Cedar Shake Roofing In Great Shape

Cedar shakes have always been considered a premium roofing material because of their natural beauty, which provides a warm and rustic look to any home. If you’re fortunate enough to have a cedar shake roof, you’ll want to make sure it looks and performs its best no matter the season. Here are some tips.

Keeping Your Cedar Shake Roofing in Great Shape

1. Clear overhanging tree branches. Moisture is the primary culprit for rot and mold growth in cedar shake roofing. To prevent this, make sure to trim any overhanging branches near your roof. This way, leaves, small branches and other loose debris won’t build up on the roof’s surface and keep it moist.

2. Proper maintenance begins with good installation. To ensure your cedar shake roofing remains in tip-top shape, it should be installed properly in the first place. Make sure to work only with a reliable roofer.

3. Control the growth of moss. You can do this simply by having zinc or copper strips nailed at the ridge cap of your cedar shake roof. Once the zinc or copper strips react to rainwater, they create a mild solution that flows down through the roof’s sections to discourage moss formation.

4. Keep your cedar shake roof clean. Ventilation is a crucial factor in maintaining this type of roof. Cedar shakes need to breathe and stay dry to reduce the potential for moisture damage. For this reason, take the time to clear any debris accumulation on the roof surface, plus the areas around ridge vents, roof vents, soffit vents and louvers.

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