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The Best Times to Get New Gutters

Get New Gutters

Gutters are an important part of every home’s exterior. Since it’s constantly exposed to wear and tear, it will reach the point where repairs just won’t do anymore, which means a replacement is in order. Gutter and roofing company Pro Exteriors lists the best times to get new gutters.

Get New Gutters

When Paint  Peels

Most of today’s gutters come with factory-applied finishes that are not supposed to flake, peel or form bubbles. If you see blister-like formations on the paint layer, it means that water has penetrated the paint layer. It may not sound like an immediate reason for having your gutters replaced but carefully inspect your gutters. If the bubbles have been there for a long time, there may already be corrosion issues.

Rust Spots Start Forming

There’s also the kind of corrosion that’s readily visible from the ground. Perhaps the paint bubbles have burst at some point and exposed the metal to corrosion. While rust spots can still be repaired, these are not long-term solutions and will need to be replaced partially or completely.

Cracked Gutters

Gutters can crack due to strain, either because they’re not properly-sized, or because it’s weighed down by accumulated leaves and debris. If the damage extends to the fascia board, roof repair will also have to be done in addition to gutter repairs or replacement.

Stressed Gutter Seams

Traditional gutter systems are built from ten-foot lengths of gutters and often have seams sides longer than ten feet. These seams are riveted and sealed during installation. Seams are a common stress point, especially under conditions like unusually heavy rainfall. We say “unusual,” because a capable gutter contractor would have factored local rainfall when sizing the gutters. If your gutters are suffering from stressed seams, you will need to have properly-sized gutters when you have them replaced.

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