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The Most Disliked Household Chores

gutters filled with leaves asphalt shingle roof residential gutter cleaning service

Some household chores are difficult or time-consuming. It’s a safe bet they’re no one’s favorite weekend activity, yet they must be done. In today’s post, local gutter installation contractor Advantage Seamless shares homeowners’ most disliked household chores, and how to make them less dreadful.

gutters filled with leaves asphalt shingle roof residential gutter cleaning service

Cleaning the Bathroom

There are few tasks that can bring one to their knees. Cleaning the bathroom is one of them. Given that bathrooms are used every day, it’s also one of the most essential household chores. You can make bathroom cleaning easier by giving the sink and toilet a quick clean every night. It helps stop germs and bacteria from building up, making it easier to scrub them when you clean the whole bathroom.

Cleaning the Gutters

Keeping the gutters clear can help prevent damage to the roof deck and the surrounding house foundations. Cleaning them is not an easy task: in addition to having to scoop out accumulated dirt, leaves and animal droppings, there is also the risk of injury from falling off the ladder.

Fortunately, gutter cleaning only needs to be done once a year, and you can hire a gutter cleaning service if you’re not properly equipped for the task. Also, consider having a gutter protection system installed on your gutters. They prevent leaves and debris from getting into the gutter troughs, which can dramatically reduce the amount of cleaning and maintenance required by your gutters.

Cleaning the Windows

Like gutters, windows do not often require cleaning, but when it does, it can be time-consuming to do so. The bigger the house and the windows in it, the longer it will take to clean the windows. It can also be dangerous if you have to clean upper-story windows.

Most of today’s replacement windows feature removable, tiltable or floating hinges that allow easy cleaning from the indoors. If you’ve had your windows replaced in the past few years, chances are your windows have these features. If your windows are due for replacement, consider buying replacement windows with such features. Combined with low-maintenance frames, cleaning windows wouldn’t be much of a chore as it used to be.

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