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The Dangers of Stagnant Water In Your Gutters

Dangers of Stagnant Water In Your Gutters

Your gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home against water damage. By helping direct water away from your home, they can keep your foundation dry after a heavy rain or storm and  prevent a host of problems like flooding. If you fail to act quickly, these are just some of the possible consequences that you might have to face:

Dangers of Stagnant Water In Your Gutters


Insects like mosquitoes and flies often use standing water as a breeding ground. So by letting rain water stagnate in your gutters, you are practically inviting insects and pests into your home. Mosquitoes particularly are a cause for concern as they can have harmful effects on your health or the health of your pets. They carry various diseases that can infect you and your family; they can also infect your pets with heartworms.

Flooding or Mold in the Basement

Stagnant water in your gutters may eventually overflow. And since in this scenario the water isn’t likely to pass through your downspouts, there is a big chance that the water might end up next to your home or around your foundation. This can cause excessive moisture in your basement. Moreover, flooding may occur during rain, or mold may start to grow along your basement walls. Flooding, or even dampness, can eventually damage your walls and ceilings as well as any furniture or belongings that you may have kept stored in your basement. It can also create an unpleasant environment in your basement since excessive moisture often causes damp air and a moldy smell.

Increased Pressure on the Foundation

When water is deposited near your foundation and it stagnates in that area, this can put extra pressure on your foundation. Moreover, puddles of stagnant water around your home means that the soil underneath is fully saturated with water. And this heavy, water-laden soil can create pressure on the sides of your foundation, which can later on result in bulging or cracked walls in your basement.

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