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What Causes Roof Blisters and How to Prevent It

Roof Decking 101 Essentials You Need To Know

Long exposure to the scorching heat of the sun, heavy rainfalls, sharp-hitting hailstones and other severe weather elements may cause some problems for your roof. One of them is roof blistering – an issue that often occurs in asphalt shingles or built up roofing (BUR). Many experienced roofing contractors are not unfamiliar with roof blisters and will recommend that you watch out for signs of blistering on your roof. If not, you may endure some time-consuming and costly damage in the future.

Roof Decking 101 Essentials You Need to Know

What Is Roof Blistering?

Blisters appear when there is trapped moisture or air beneath the layers of roofing or within the shingles themselves. As the temperature outdoors continues to rise, the pressure in these patches forces the air or moisture to expand. The asphalt will begin to weaken as a result, forming a blister on the surface of your roofing material.

In most cases, blisters are small and harmless. However, there are times when these blisters allow higher levels of moisture of rainwater to seep below the surface, causing more and severe blisters. Sooner or later, your roof will develop leaks, compelling you to call for a roof replacement.

Can Roof Blistering Be Fixed or Prevented?

Definitely. The fixing process, however, depends on the size of the blister and the roofing material used. As early as possible, roof blisters must be remedied so they will not have the chance to enlarge or multiply. The best thing to do is schedule a seasonal maintenance visit with a professional.

Roofing blisters can be prevented, too. Poor installation job is one of the main reasons why blisters happen in the first place. Be sure to hire a roof repair specialist who will not cut corners and will certainly follow the instructions approved by the manufacturer of roofing materials so your home can stay as comfortable as possible.

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