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5 Mosquito Control Mistakes You Should Avoid

5 Mosquito Control Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mosquitoes are a common problem during the summer season. If you find them buzzing around at dusk, you may be missing one or more things from your mosquito control routine. In today’s post, local gutter installation company Advantage Seamless shares common mosquito control mistakes that you should avoid.

5 Mosquito Control Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Keeping the Inflatable Pool In the Yard — Having an inflatable pool is the next best thing to enjoying the summer season while staying safe in your yard. However, leaving it filled when not in use makes it a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. When everyone is finished splashing in the pool, make sure you empty it and turn it over.

2. Ignoring the Tire Swing — If you have a tire swing in your yard, make sure to empty it regularly, especially after it rains. If possible, drill holes at the bottom to allow water to drain instantly.

3. Not Cleaning the Gutters — Leaves, dirt and debris in the gutters provide shade and retain moisture, and stays relatively undisturbed as the insides are not seen from the ground. This makes it a perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes.

We recommend having your gutters cleaned by professionals for thoroughness. We also recommend investing in gutter protection systems, like Valor Gutter Guards, which prevents dirt and debris from entering the gutter troughs. Our gutter protection systems are compatible with K-style and half round gutters.

4. Using Bug Zappers — Bug zappers are devices that utilizes low light to lure mosquitoes into electrified coils, which kills them instantly. The problem is, it only attracts male mosquitoes—the non-biting kind.

5. Not Using Window Insect Screens — Opening your windows for about 15 minutes a day flushes out odors and indoor air pollutants. However, they can also let mosquitoes in. Most of today’s replacement windows come with insect screens, which helps prevent mosquitoes and other insects from getting into your home as you enjoy a cooling summer breeze.

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