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The Importance of Metal Roof Shingles

The Importance Of Metal Roof Shingles

Metal is one of the most reliable roofing options today. However, you don’t want a metal roof on your home to look like a barn or be too “modern” for your neighborhood. To avoid these problems, consider installing an architectural metal shingle roof as it can provide the same superior performance as other premium roofing systems. [company_name], your trusted roofing contractor, discusses the features of metal roof shingles.

The Importance of Metal Roof Shingles

Can Mimic Other Materials

Metal shingles can mimic composition shingles, slate, cedar shingles and tiles. They cost less than standing seams but provide equal protection and longevity. As such, you can get the aesthetics of other traditional materials with the added benefits of metal.

Durable Materials and Thick Coating

After standing seams, the interlocking metal shingle is the most popular residential metal roofing. Manufacturers use a huge variety of metal shingles. G90 galvanized steel and aluminum are often used to manufacture metal shingles. You can find a few types of copper and even zinc shingles.

Most metal shingles come painted with Kynar 500® or similar premium paint. There are seven layers of paint and primer baked onto the metal coil.

Style and Durability

Metal shingles have a low profile and a four-way interlocking design. They allow normal foot traffic during installation and a simple roof flashing system. They cost less to install compared to standing seams. Furthermore, metal shingles can resemble cedar ones and natural slate impressions. They will cost the same as cedar shingles and much less than slate impressions.

Another popular type of metal shingles is the simple flat-tile impression. It has a smooth surface with stiffening ribs in the middle, which create the look of separate tiles. All other types of metal shingles feature the same stiffening ribs.

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