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A Mark of Integrity: The Importance of a BBB Accreditation

A Mark of Integrity: The Importance of a BBB Accreditation

Homeowners usually look for a contractor’s certifications to gauge their level of competence. Integrity is an equally important quality in a contractor, but it’s harder to gauge. Most homeowners often judge a contractor’s integrity on the basis of their local reputation, but this method is a bit too subjective.

A Mark of Integrity: The Importance of a BBB Accreditation

For a more objective assessment, homeowners turn to independent organizations. In particular, there’s one that monitors companies’ adherence to ethical business practices—the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Advantage Seamless, your go-to company for half round gutters in the state, lists some of the BBB’s accreditation standards and what they mean for customers below.

A Positive Track Record 

A company should build trust with its customers by maintaining a positive track record in the marketplace. This means it shouldn’t have received anything lower than a B-rating and must comply with all of the licensing requirements. As such, you can rest assured a BBB-accredited contractor consistently observes ethical business practices.


Consumers are usually wary of promos or offers due to unclear terms and conditions. With a BBB accredited contractor, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Suppose you hire a contractor for gutter installation work, they’d be required to disclose to you all of the guarantees and warranties that come with a product as well as any restrictions or limitations, e.g. a maximum number of customers who can avail of a particular service or promo.

Responsive Customer Service 

Should any issues be raised with the BBB, the contractor must promptly respond and satisfactorily resolve all of these. And if these concerns become recurrent, the contractor must work with the BBB to address any underlying issues. This means your concerns will always be addressed properly.

Still looking for a BBB-accredited contractor near you? Advantage Seamless is a contractor with an A-plus rating from the BBB. We offer a wide range of premium gutter systems, including seamless gutters and half-round gutters. To get a free estimate, call us at 612-800-0910 or fill out this form. We serve homeowners in Alexandria and Bemidji, MN.