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The Impact of Humidity on Your Roof

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Did you know that humidity has a major impact on your roof? Your roofing contractors would be the first to say that a dry home with minimal indoor humidity guarantees a healthy roofing system, and excess moisture buildup eventually leads to severe water damage. 

Humidity on Your Roof

Preventing Excessive Attic Moisture

Once water works its way up to your attic space, you put your roofing system at serious risk. As such, you must prevent water from building up on your roof. Not only will this cause problems, such as rot and mold, but it may also compromise the overall structural integrity of your roof. In most cases, a roofing expert may suggest a good attic ventilation system to combat moisture buildup. Ventilation helps keep attic temperatures at bay and controls moisture accumulation inside your attic. 

Keeping an Eye Out for Outdoor Humidity 

Aside from humidity inside your home, be sure to watch out for outdoor humidity as well. Even when the weather is warm and mild, there may be instances when the air remains damp. To keep your roofing system healthy, regular roof inspections and maintenance are vital, especially after a storm. During the inspection, a professional roofer will be able to catch any issues and perform roof repair before the problem worsens. 

Making Sure Your Home Is Dry

The best way to ensure your roof’s longevity and avoid humidity is to keep indoor air moisture to an absolute minimum. Since moisture in the air has to go somewhere, it may work its way up to the attic and eventually to your roofing system. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep your attic and roof dry. Attic fans, for instance, help your attic cool during the day and push out any moisture hiding in your insulation. Investing in quality attic insulation is also very effective in preventing moisture damage as well as premature roof wear and mold growth. 

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