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Roof Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

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Giving your roof the attention it deserves is a year-round endeavor. However, doing so this spring is particularly important; after all, it is likely that it suffered wear and tear as a result of the harsh weather conditions of the last few months. Here are some roof maintenance tips to remember this spring.

Roof Maintenance Tips

Keep Your Roof Clean

In addition to spring showers, you should also be worried about leaves and seeds landing on your roof and entering your gutters. For this reason, it’s important to keep your roof clean to avoid clogging in your gutters and downspouts, which may cause water runoff to back up and overflow. If you have trees planted nearby, consider trimming the overgrown branches that may be touching your roof and gutters. Expert roofers may also clean your shingles and use biodegradable cleaning solutions to prevent mold growth.

Perform a Roof Inspection

To ensure that your roof remains healthy and durable, you should have your roof professionally inspected at least twice a year: once in the fall and once in the spring. During the inspection, your chosen roofers will examine the condition of your shingles, gutters and flashing, and check for any damage left by the winter season. If there are open gaps or loose roof materials, they may also carry out roof repair services to prevent the summer storms from wearing them down even more. 

Consider Adequate Ventilation

Another thing you need to consider is adequate ventilation in your attic. With a good ventilation system, you can prevent mold, ice damming and moisture damage. Otherwise, moisture in your home will rise to your attic and start to build up and condense, causing problems throughout your home. In fact, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) suggests homeowners install at least 1 square foot of ventilation per 300 square feet of attic space to ventilate their home adequately. 

Invest in a Solid Insurance Policy

While regular roof maintenance and inspection can help you maintain your roof’s health, it may not be enough to protect your roofing system from unexpected damage from hail or wind Thus, you may want to invest in a solid insurance policy to make you feel more at ease with things that you cannot control. Additionally, be sure to go through your policy and double-check what your insurance can or cannot cover. 

To keep your roofing system well-protected throughout the year, get in touch with Neumann Construction. Our team of roofers are experienced and qualified to provide excellent roofing services, including roof replacement and repair. Give us a call at (218) 270-0009, or fill out our contact form to set an appointment. We proudly serve homeowners in Brainerd, MN.