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The Factors That Determine Your Metal Roof’s Cost

The Factors That Determine Your Metal Roof’s Cost

Metal roofs are one of the most popular roof replacement options nowadays due to their affordability, durability and energy efficiency. As a diligent homeowner, however, you should understand that there are various factors in place that can affect a metal roofing’s overall cost.

The Factors That Determine Your Metal Roof’s Cost


When it comes to metal roofing, you are usually choosing between two popular materials: steel and aluminum. Whichever one you pick can affect the overall cost of your metal roofing system. This is because steel has two other versions: one with a corrosion-resistant coating made from aluminum and another that is primarily zinc. Regardless of what you choose, you can expect the price to be a bit different.


If you decide to install a metal roof, you’ll receive two warranties: one from the manufacturer covering the product and another from the contractor covering installation workmanship. Before you make your decision on your metal roof, make sure to receive both warranties in writing, and, depending on the warranty’s terms, the price of your metal roof may differ.

Fasteners and Interlocks

Your metal roof can sometimes have concealed fasteners which can be intricate to manufacture, requiring specialized equipment. Roofs with concealed fasteners will also be slower to install due to how the panels are fitted. While it is possible to go for metal roofs with exposed fasteners, roofs with concealed fasteners are often known for their greater strength, wind resistance and durability. This means its price will likely be higher compared to the other variant.

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