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6 Ways Ice Dams and Frozen Gutters Can Damage Your Home

6 Ways Ice Dams and Frozen Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Now that winter is fast approaching, it’s fairly understandable if you’re concerned about your gutter system. After all, it’s common knowledge that too much snow and ice dam formations can can cause extensive damage. What some homeowners don’t know, however, is that ice dams can actually cause major damage to your home as well.

Here, Advantage Seamless, the area’s most trusted supplier of half round gutters, reveals the six different ways ice dams and frozen gutters can damage your home.

6 Ways Ice Dams and Frozen Gutters Can Damage Your Home

  1. Icicles – Icicles are a wonderful sight to behold, especially when the sun hits them just right. However, your gutters aren’t meant to handle their weight, meaning if left unchecked, they can pull the gutters away from your home. If they fall, on the other hand, they can damage the siding, break your windows, or even injure someone if they happen to be walking below.

  2. Falling Tree Branches – If the trees on your property have overgrown branches, too much snow can actually cause them to snap and fall. This can damage your roof, gutters and even your windows and siding. With that in mind, consider having them trimmed by a professional before the winter season arrives in your area.

  3. Roof Strain – Too much snow can cause too much strain on your roofing system’s load-bearing capacity. The strain of the snow, combined with the frozen gutters, can potentially cause your roof to collapse, especially if it already has some years behind it. To prevent this from happening, enlist the ice dam removal of gutter installation and cleaning experts, Advantage Seamless.

  4. Leaks and Mold Growth – Your gutters are frozen, meaning that the melting snow on your roof will have nowhere to go. This can cause the moisture to be pushed back beneath the shingles and cause leaks that encourages mold growth around your home, which can be costly to remedy. Stop this issue before it even occurs by hiring Advantage Seamless to remove the ice dams in your gutters.

  5. Damage to Insulation – Surprisingly enough, your frozen gutters can also cause damage to your attic insulation. This is something you wouldn’t want to happen during the winter season as it can decrease your home’s energy efficiency, forcing your heating system to work harder than it should and causing your heating bills to increase throughout the winter.

  6. Drywall and Plaster Damage – Thanks to the excessive moisture that ice dams can cause your home, your drywall can easily be damaged through cracks and crumbles, leading to some major interior damage. You can easily prevent this by having the ice dams around your gutters removed through the gutter protection and ice dam removal services of Advantage Seamless.

To install seamless gutters in your home, don’t hesitate to turn to Advantage Seamless. When it comes to gutter cleaning and ice dam removal, we are the leading company to turn to. Give us a call at (320) 460-1338 or fill out our contact form to request a FREE estimate. We serve homeowners in Alexandria, MN, and other nearby areas.