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How to Solve Your Metal Roof’s Rust Problem

How To Solve Your Metal Roof’s Rust Problem

According to roof replacement experts, metal is steadily becoming one of the most popular roofing materials nowadays thanks to its affordability, durability and energy efficiency capabilities. However, that doesn’t mean metal roofs have no drawbacks. In fact, there’s one that can severely impact your home’s performance and aesthetic appeal: rust.

How to Solve Your Metal Roof’s Rust Problem


While removing the rust on your metal roof may seem simple enough, it’s actually a delicate task. Before you can recoat your rusty metal roof, you’ll first need to use a heavy power washer or light sand blaster to blow the loose, flaking rust away. Doing so will also remove the dirt, mildew and flaking paint from your metal roofing system’s surface. If there’s metal roof rust that manages to survive the power blasting, roof repair pros recommend using trisodium phosphate on the roof.

Alternatively, you can also call a roofing professional to remove the rust for you if the task proves itself to be difficult.


Thankfully, you won’t always have to deal with removing rust on your metal roof so long as you know the proper prevention measures. To do so, you’ll have to coat the metal with paint or specialized coating. Like the removal process, you have the option of doing this yourself or letting a professional handle the work.

If you decide on conducting a DIY paint job, on the other hand, make sure to thoroughly wash and rinse the roof, and let it completely dry. Afterwards, apply a zinc primer to the system to prevent rust, and add specialized metal roof paint as the top coat for extra protection. Alternatively, acrylic coatings are also a viable option in preventing rust in your metal roof.

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