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Study Says Those Paying for Home Services Are More Satisfied

Study Says Those Paying for Home Services Are More Satisfied

Do-it-yourself home improvement projects look easy in online guides and video tutorials. However, the truth is most jobs require professional skills and experience. Investing in reliable contractors will benefit you in the long run.

Study Says Those Paying for Home Services Are More Satisfied

Research shows that hiring people to accomplish household tasks like seamless gutter installation, brings homeowners more satisfaction than doing it themselves.

Those Who Buy Time Are More Satisfied

According to a PNAS journal, people who pay someone to do household tasks are more satisfied with life. It applies to a range of incomes, careers and nationalities. Timesaving buys are linked to reduced time-related stress and increased positive feelings.

Over 6,000 people in four countries participated in seven surveys. These surveys asked people if they would pay someone to do daily tasks and rate their satisfaction with life.

In all surveys, it was apparent that people who regularly pay someone to save time have higher life satisfaction. This is regardless of household income, working hours, marital status and the number of children they have.

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Timesaving Purchases Boost Happiness

In another research, 60 working adults in Vancouver were given $40 each for two weeks. They were asked to purchase material things on one weekend and a timesaving service another weekend. Most respondents stated that timesaving purchases had a more positive effect, a less negative effect and lessened their stress, regardless of the amount and usefulness of their purchase.

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