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The 5 Best Ways You Can Achieve An Eco-Friendly Backyard

The 5 Best Ways You Can Achieve An Eco-Friendly Backyard

Most homeowners are making more environmentally friendly decisions when it comes to their home. It can be their roofing choices, siding material or even their window replacement options. Some, however, are turning to another method of helping the environment and that’s by having an eco-friendly backyard.

In this post, gutter installation pros from Advantage Seamless discuss the five methods you can use to create an environmentally friendly backyard.

The 5 Best Ways You Can Achieve An Eco-Friendly Backyard
  1. Avoiding Pesticides – Some pesticides can be hazardous for the environment and people’s health, with several of them even being outlawed for being dangerous. Therefore, it’s no surprise that avoiding the use of pesticides is one of the best ways you can achieve an environmentally friendly backyard. Instead, consider using natural herbicides for pest control.

  2. Native Trees and Plants – Another way you can make your backyard more eco-friendly is by picking native trees and plants when selecting your flora. These native flora will help attract butterflies, birds and wildlife and are generally suited for your environment. They’re also likely to be equipped to handle diseases and pests in your location. Native flora also don’t need extra fertilizers and pesticides, adding to their eco-friendliness even more.

  3. Building a Compost – Composting can help you cut down on your waste production while providing you with quality garden fertilizer. You can easily accomplish this with some soil and a warm environment. You can put a lot of things in a compost pile to make your fertilizer such as veggie scraps, eggshells and lawn clippings. You can even add the leaves and twigs you can get from cleaning your gutters in the compost pile so make sure to clean out your gutters with the help of a gutter cleaning service every now and then.

  4. Ground Covers – Ground covers such as moss and clover are great alternatives to grass lawns. This is because they require less mowing and water during the summer months. Moss is also great for your backyard’s shaded areas and it will keep its color despite the summer heat. Clover, on the other hand, requires less mowing, is resistant to drought, and can even attract bees when they bloom.

  5. Water Conservation – Water may be a renewable commodity but it doesn’t mean you can’t conserve it. Conserving water is likely the best way you can make your backyard more eco-friendly. Install large water tanks in your backyard that can be attached to your gutters and the tank will fill up whenever it rains. You can use recycled water for a number of things such as watering the garden, household projects and even drinking once it’s been filtered.

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