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4 Best Methods To Preventing A Soggy Yard After A Rainy Day

4 Best Methods To Preventing A Soggy Yard After A Rainy Day

Your yard is one of the key players in your home’s curb appeal. A well maintained landscaping can be pleasing to the eye and easily attracts buyers when the time comes that you put your home up for sale. However, there is one problem that your yard can face: sogginess. No matter how well maintained your yard is, it’s entirely possible for it to become soggy and unappealing after a strong storm. Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can avoid this.

In this post, gutter installation experts from Advantage Seamless discuss the four best methods you can use to prevent your yard from getting soggy after it rains.

4 Best Methods To Preventing A Soggy Yard After A Rainy Day
  1. Rain Garden – Does your yard have any low-lying areas that are constantly flooded after it rains? If so, then consider turning it into a rain garden. To turn these areas into a rain garden, simply add some plant beds to fill the depression before putting in porous soil and plants that thrive in standing water. These plants include ferns and Japanese silver grass. That way, you not only solve your soggy yard dilemma, but you’re also adding your yard’s overall appeal.

  2. Improve Your Yard Slope – Your yard slope can help determine how the rainwater will drain and where it will go, making it an important factor in preventing your yard from getting soggy. As much as possible, your yard should have a minimum slope of 2%. Otherwise, the water can pool in various areas of your yard and back up to your home’s foundation. To improve your yard slope, call a landscaping professional to get the job done.

  3. Regular Gutter Cleaning – Whether you own regular or seamless gutters, cleaning it regularly is an important step to preventing a soggy yard. By allowing debris such as dead leaves and twigs to stay in your gutters, you’re allowing it to become clogged, which can cause your gutters to overflow. When your gutters overflow, the excess water will likely fall and pool into your yard, making it soggy and unappealing. Therefore, make sure to clean your gutters every now and then, either by yourself or with the help of gutter cleaning professionals.

  4. Underground Diversion – If the torrent of water that’s going through your gutters and downspouts can’t be easily diverted off the property, then consider extending your downspouts to reroute them through a French drain. French drains are underground pipes that can collect and direct surface water away from your home and prevent your yard from becoming soggy after a rainy day.

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