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Summer Pests: How to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

Summer Pests: How to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

Summer is the perfect time to experience the outdoors, but unfortunately, it’s also mosquito season. Not to worry, though; you can still enjoy all that summer has to offer by observing a few precautions.

Summer Pests: How to Keep Mosquitoes at Bay

Read on as Advantage Seamless, one of the top gutter contractors in the state, lists them below.

Essential Facts to Know 

While the presence of any mosquito is unpleasant, it’s the females that you should be most worried about. Both feed on plant nectar, but female mosquitoes suck blood to get the protein needed to lay eggs. The problem is compounded by the fact disease-carrying female mosquitoes live longer than their male counterparts, with many living up to a month or more.

Throw Out Stagnant Water and Get Rid of Open Containers 

To fully mature into adults, mosquito larvae need water. As soon as you see standing water, throw it out immediately; larvae can become a full-grown mosquito in as little as four days.

Tire tracks, small holes in tree trunks, hollow stumps, flowerpot’s water dishes and discarded cans are just some of the places where mosquitoes can lay their eggs. As such, it’s a good idea to clear your front-and-backyard of any trash or exposed containers.

If there’s a constant water source in your yard, like a small pond, try adding a few minnows; they find mosquito larvae to be a tasty treat.

Look for Leaks and Other Potential Water Sources 

Apart from containers where rainwater may accumulate, it would also be a good idea to check for other sources of water, like leaks in your roof, faucets or gutters. To ensure rainwater doesn’t spill onto nearby containers or accumulate in the foliage blocking the downspouts, clean your gutters regularly or get a gutter cleaning company to do it for you. And to minimize the risk of clogged gutters, it may also be worth investing in gutter guards.

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