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Summer Home Safety: Preparing Your Home for Summer Storms

Summer Home Safety: Preparing Your Home for Summer Storms

Heavy downpours during the summer storms are a real threat. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can get complacent about safeguarding your home against moisture damage.

Summer Home Safety: Preparing Your Home for Summer Storms

Advantage Seamless, your go-to company in the state for seamless gutters, shares some tips on how to prepare your home.

Trim Overhanging Tree Limbs and Cut Down Diseased Trees

Strong winds and heavy rain can knock overhanging branches or diseased trees. Before they can inflict any damage on your roof or siding, it’s best to cut them down.

Check Your Windows 

Heavy winds can send your windows bursting open, creating an opening for wind-driven rain to enter. It’s good practice to check whether the windows’ locking mechanism is still properly working.

Inspect Your Roof 

Speaking of preventive inspections, don’t forget to check for any cracks or signs of damage on your roof. Storms can exacerbate pre-existing damage; loose shingles might be further dislodged, and cracks can turn into leaks, which can lead to a host of moisture-related problems.

Clean Your Gutters 

An essential part of any roof is the gutters. In the scorching summer heat, leaves wilt faster. This increases the likelihood of your gutters being jammed with foliage. That’s why you need to clean your gutters frequently or have a gutter cleaning service company do it at least once a week. Installing gutter guards is also another option; these can prevent foliage from entering your gutters in the first place.

Left unattended, foliage might cause rainwater to spill onto the sides of your roof or the basement. If water keeps spilling onto your pavement, it will eventually erode the concrete surface, seep through the cracks and compromise your home’s foundation.

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