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Why Do Your Gutters Overflow When It Rains?

Gutters Overflow When It Rains

The gutters around your house are more important than most people realize. Without gutters to redirect the flow of water, rain would settle and accumulate on your roof which can lead to leaks. It could also end up pooling near your foundation, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. If you have a basement, the water could end up flooding it.  

Gutters Overflow When It Rains

Now that you see how essential gutters are, you understand just how crucial it is not to neglect gutter cleaning and maintenance. If you find that your gutters aren’t functioning how you’d expect and that they overflow when it rains, here’s what could be causing it. 

Clogged Spouting

This can be a serious problem, especially during fall when trees are shedding their leaves. When leaves and other organic debris settle in your gutters, clogs are sure to follow. To avoid this, it is recommended that you have your gutters professionally cleaned at least twice every year. 

Not Enough Downpipes

When there is increased rainfall in your area, your spouting may not be able to handle it. The most common reason for this is that you may not have enough spouting installed on all sides of your house. This causes water to overflow. To solve this, you need to call your gutter contractors so that they can install additional spouting. 

Clogged Downpipes

If you have cleaned your spouting and are sure that you have enough downpipes installed but rainwater is still overflowing, then chances are your downpipes are clogged with debris. If this is the case, you can use a hose to clear them out. If the problem keeps reoccurring, you should consider installing downpipes with a wider circumference. 

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