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3 Useful Facts About Downspouts You Probably Didn’t Know

Useful Facts About Downspouts

Some homeowners don’t really think about how important their downspouts are until a huge rainstorm hits your area and you find that they aren’t working as they should and you end up with a leaky roof or a flooded basement. Needless to say, downspouts are an integral part of any effective gutter system. To drive home the point, the trusted gutter cleaning service providers over at Advantage Seamless shares three useful facts about downspouts that most people don’t know about.  

Useful Facts About Downspouts

1. Standard Insurance Policies Don’t Usually Cover Flood Damage

Most standard insurance policies will not cover repair costs due to flooding unless the rainwater enters your home through a faulty window or a roof that’s been damaged by a storm. If water damage is due to pre-existing conditions like an old, worn-out gutter system, your insurance company is not likely to cover your claim.

2. There Are Three Different Styles of Downspouts

Downspouts come in three distinct styles: K-style, round and rectangular. While the last two are self-explanatory, K-style gutters are so-called because one side resembles the letter K. K-style gutters are designed this way so that they can avoid being damaged by falling leaves and, according to gutter installation experts, can potentially allow a larger amount of water through.

3. Downspouts Are Highly Customizable

Downspouts are designed so that they can easily be customized to suit your needs. Gutter downspouts can include a splash guard which reduces the speed at which water flows to prevent erosion. Gutter extensions can also be installed to let water flow further away from your foundation and other important parts of your home.

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