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What You Need to Know About Aluminum Gutter Gauges

What You Need to Know About Aluminum Gutter Gauges

Gauge is an essential factor to consider when planning a gutter installation project. You may consider using the same size as your neighbor’s gutters, but it might not be ideal for your house. Several factors will come into play when choosing gutter sizes, such as your local climate, gutter style and the roof’s pitch and size.  

What You Need to Know About Aluminum Gutter Gauges

Keep reading to understand the differences among various aluminum gutter gauges. 

.025 Gutter Gauge Versus .027 Gutter Gauge

The most common gutter gauge in local hardware or supply stores is .025. While it’s an affordable option and widely available, experts don’t usually recommend it. A .027 gauge is the industry standard for most residential gutters. It is ideal for areas with mild to moderate climates and light snow. If you live in a place where heavy rains, wind and snow are common, you might need to upgrade your gutters to .032 gutters. 

Should You Invest in Gutters With a .032 Gauge?

Investing in .032 gauge gutters will improve your home’s protection against harsh weather and the elements. These gutters also last longer when properly installed and maintained regularly. The heavier the gauge of your seamless gutters, the more appealing they will look. Heavier gauge aluminum tends to retain a straight, sleek look for longer. On the other hand, thin aluminum tends to deteriorate faster. 

Besides having a longer life span, .032 gauge aluminum doesn’t easily dent, making it suitable for places that experience hailstorms. A gutter system of this gauge is less prone to sagging, which means it retains its brand-new appearance for longer. 

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