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Questions to Ask to Make the Most of a Roofing Inspection

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A good roof has fully functional and dependable sheathing, rafters, underlayment and other components. It can withstand a storm and other elements it is exposed to every day. You can learn more about your roof by asking the right questions during a professional roof inspection. Use this list of questions to ensure that you understand everything about your roofing system.

Questions to Ask to Make the Most of a Roofing Inspection

Questions to Ask During Roof Inspection

What Type of Roofing System Do I Have?

There are several roofing options available from roofing manufacturers nowadays. If you recently purchased a property, a roofing contractor can tell you more about the type of roof system you have and its manufacturer. Your newly purchased property might have impact-resistant shingles suitable for hailstorms.

How Old Is the Roof?

An old roof is unreliable. It may have existing damage, which makes it more susceptible to further issues later. Find out your roof’s age by checking your roofing documents or records, like the purchase receipt or warranty. Alternatively, you can hire local roofing contractors to inspect and determine the roof’s remaining lifespan and existing or potential issues.

Is There Any Damage to the Roof?

A healthy roof can protect your home against extreme weather situations. Your roofing contractors can document any of its existing damage and fix minor ones during their inspection. Furthermore, they can inform you if you need mold specialists to get rid of mold growth in your attic.

Is the Roof Built With Proper Roof Ventilation?

Ventilation dehumidifies and cools down your roof. A roof with high humidity will encourage mold to grow and cause rotting to the sheathing and rafters. Furthermore, overheated roofs without ventilation will accelerate their wear and tear. A high-quality ventilation system takes in air and removes accumulated heat from the house. If the house you bought has a poor ventilation system, ask your roofer how to improve it.

The roof’s age plays a key role in identifying the possible issues your roof could have later. Learning more about it will help you time your roof repair or replacement accurately. 

The Importance of Learning About Your Roof’s Age

Roof Replacement

Learning about your roof’s age lets you time roof replacement properly. For instance, if your contractor estimates that your roof has two years left, you can save up for a year or consider other financing options for your roof replacement project.

Increased Resale Value

A home with a new roof from a reputable manufacturer will receive many inquiries from home buyers. Highlighting the outstanding resistance, transferable warranty, certified installation and average lifespan of your roofing material in your listing can lead to better offers from your potential buyers. You can hire a roof repair contractor to know if you need repair or replacement.

Determining Your Roof’s Age

Ask the Previous Homeowner

The previous homeowners likely have all documents related to the property. Ask them for any receipt or warranty coverage that establishes the roof’s age.

Ask About the Contractor

If the previous homeowner no longer has the roofing documents, you can ask them about the contractor who installed the roof or regularly inspected or repaired it when they still lived in the house. The roofing company would likely have records of the roof as well as any previous damage, insurance claims and other issues with it. In case the contractor is unavailable, you can hire other local contractors to inspect the roof and determine the roof’s remaining lifespan.

Inquire From the Local Government Office

Your local government has all records of your city’s residential and commercial building permits. You can go to them and ask about your property’s build date and roof installation date.

Observe Your Neighbors

If your house was built in a subdivision or housing project, its age is probably similar to your neighbors’ homes. You might want to consider replacing your roof if many other nearby properties already had a roof replacement.

The Value of Regular Roof Inspections

Roof inspections check every component of the system for any issues. The contractor will document all visible and hidden damage and suggest fixes to protect you every day and during extreme weather. A regular roof inspection is valuable because of the following reasons:

Fixes Previous Damage

A small but unseen roof issue can worsen if it isn’t fixed. Tiny leaks can become enormous passages that cause extensive water damage. A roof inspection will reveal these issues before they can cause mold to grow and rot your sheathing and rafters.

Reduces Long-Term Expenses

roof replacement or repair is a huge financial commitment because you’ll need new materials and excellent contractors to fix your roof. With regular inspections, you only pay a fraction of the cost of roof repairs and replacements while extending your roof’s lifespan and performance.

Addresses the Roof’s Structural Issues

A leak will let moisture inside the attic and increase its humidity, encouraging the growth of mold on sheathing and rafters. Your roofers must replace the weakened and rotted sheathing and rafters before installing your new asphalt shingles.

When Do You Need Roof Replacement?

All roof systems, including the sturdiest ones, will deteriorate and age over time and need replacement. If a roof repair can’t restore the system to its previous condition, you’ll need to replace it.

Large areas that have curled, cracked and split indicate that your roof only has a few years left. Your roof is barely holding on if a recent storm caused several missing shingles and leaks.

Observe the frequency of roof repairs and the severity of issues you always encounter. If you hire a contractor every month to fix the same issue, you might need a roof replacement. That said, the contractor will likely tell you if the roof already needs replacing.

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