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Are You Making These Common Gutter Maintenance Mistakes?

Are You Making These Common Gutter Maintenance Mistakes

Whether you have sectional or seamless gutters, you must maintain them regularly. Your gutter system is essential to protecting your property against the damaging effects of water. Knowing how to care for your gutters properly reduces the likelihood of clogs that could lead to leaks.  

Are You Making These Common Gutter Maintenance Mistakes?

Here are some of the most common gutter maintenance errors that homeowners make. 

Allowing Debris to Build Up

Over time, leaves, twigs, seeds and other debris may accumulate in your gutters and cause clogs. When this happens, your gutters won’t be able to properly channel water away from your home. Debris can also attract pests and small animals that could damage your property. To avoid these issues, schedule a professional gutter cleaning service at least three times a year. 

Delaying Repairs

If your half-round gutters need repairs, don’t wait too long to have them done. You want to deal with issues as soon as your contractor discovers them. Putting off repairs will only make the problems worse and costlier to address. Delaying repairs can also affect the efficiency of your gutters and reduce their life. 

DIY Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Maintaining and cleaning gutters are tasks best handled by skilled professionals. These jobs require ladders, which can be tricky for untrained individuals. Attempting to clean your gutters yourself risks your safety and can cause accidental damage to your gutters. 

Not Flushing Downspouts

Flushing your downspouts is just as important as cleaning your gutters. Sometimes, debris can obstruct gutters, causing water to back up. Good waterflow is vital to preventing water damage, basement flooding and other issues. It’s best to contact professionals if you don’t know how to flush your downspouts.  

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