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Tips on Hiding Unsightly Downspouts

Tips on Hiding Unsightly Downspouts

Downspouts play a crucial role in routing rainwater away from your home’s foundations. Sometimes, they can be awkwardly placed, which may spoil an otherwise pristine exterior. In today’s post, the gutter contractors at Advantage Seamless share tips on how to conceal unsightly downspouts.

Tips on Hiding Unsightly Downspouts

Paint It

Painting the downspouts is the most economical way of concealing it. This works especially well if your exterior has a solid color, which is often the case with vinyl siding and stucco. You will, of course, have to prepare the downspouts, as one would with any other painting job. If it’s made of galvanized steel, you have to sand the rusted spots before applying the primer.

Make it a point to find the paint color that closely matches the siding that surrounds the downspout. Some hardware stores and paint manufacturers provide color samples or swatches, which you can use to compare and choose the right paint color. You can also ask your seamless gutters contractor if they can recommend types or brands of paint.

Cover It With Greenery

You can use certain types of plants to hide the downspouts. This may take some work because plants can take time to grow, and you will need to “guide” their growth so they don’t encroach other areas. You can have vines grow on the downspouts, or have a trellis installed in front of it. The latter makes it easy for gutter contractors to perform repairs when needed.

Replace It

If your downspouts are so unsightly—think damaged, rusted and knocked out of place—you might as well have it replaced with a new one. This is an option worth considering if the rest of the gutter system is still in good condition and has several years left in its life span. Gutter contractors who offer custom downspouts can help you with a more aesthetically pleasing placement, and may even correct installation errors, such as incorrect routing.

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