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Gutter Systems: Sectional Is Good, But Seamless Is Better

Gutter Systems: Sectional Is Good, But Seamless Is Better

Sectional gutters have long been considered the standard residential gutter system, but it doesn’t mean it’s the best one out there. In today’s post the local gutter installers at Advantage Seamless examine its benefits, and how seamless gutters make it better.

Gutter Systems: Sectional Is Good, But Seamless Is Better

Installation Process

Installing sectional gutters are relatively simple to install, and can be done with a few tools. Even DIYers and non-professional installers can do a decent job of installing them, lack of warranty notwithstanding. Sectional gutters are built from 10-foot sections of gutter troughs, with joints and overlaps sealed with caulk. These joints need to be resealed to prevent leaks and corrosion.

In comparison, seamless gutters need to be installed by a professional gutters replacement service like us. During installation, we don’t bring gutter sections. Instead, we feed a reel of pre-coated sheet metal into a machine that shapes it into custom gutter profiles and lengths. Installers will then install fasteners, raise the entire gutter length onto the roof’s edge and seal the ends. The lack of seams along the gutter troughs reduce the need for periodic resealing, making seamless gutters far easier to maintain.

Quality of Installation

Sectional gutters have many different parts that need to be assembled, which increases the potential points of failure, as well as chances of installation errors. The installation process may be simple, but achieving quality installation will still take some skill. Given that gutters need to fit the length of the roof’s edge, there is little margin for error; gutter lengths need to be cut at correct lengths.

This is not a problem with seamless gutters. During installation, the roof edge is carefully measured on-site. As the machine slowly releases the shaped gutter lengths, installers cap the ends, punch holes for the downspouts (the locations of which are also measured beforehand), and monitor the length of the gutters before cutting it. Seamless gutters achieve a “premium” look that simply can’t be done with sectional gutters.

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