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Why a New Roof Color Requires HOA Approval

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If you live in a gated community or neighborhood, you know that any changes you plan to make to your home will require approval from the homeowner’s association (HOA). In other words, if you have a preferred color for your new roof, you need to get it approved first before proceeding with the roof replacement project. Today’s blog discusses the influence HOAs have on roofing color choices. We also touch on tips to get your new roof color approved.

New Roof Color

What Does an HOA Do?

Before anything else, it would be worth discussing the role of an HOA. Among the many reasons why it exists in the first place is to (1) preserve the architectural integrity of properties within the established community and (2) maintain common areas around the neighborhood. An HOA consists of either a property management company responsible for developing the area or a board of selected homeowners, and it is tasked with enforcing the rules and regulations outlined in a set of by-laws known as covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs). As a homeowner, knowing its contents is imperative so you have a clear idea of what to do and what not to do while living in the community.

Guidelines found in the CC&Rs focus on different aspects that affect each homeowner and the neighborhood as a whole. These include restrictions on nuisance activities, trash and recycling collection rules and schedules, home maintenance requirements and the number of people allowed within a single household.

Why New Roofs Require HOA Approval

Among all of these, however, the one aspect that an HOA will be most concerned about are renovations, repairs and other home improvement projects that will be done in the neighborhood. The CC&Rs enforce a set of guidelines that allow them to maintain the aesthetics of every home and prevent anything that can be detrimental to property values.

Therefore, as a member of the community, you have to comply with the rules and regulations. If you are planning a roof replacement, for instance, you need to first get approval from the HOA to ensure your changes are in line with what is contained within the CC&Rs. The following are some of the top reasons why:

  • Uniformity

Every home in an HOA community has a consistent exterior appearance. Keeping it that way is crucial to the development’s entire look and feel, helping to retain the real estate value of each residential property. As such, the board or property management company will likely have a say on your choice of roof color. This way, your new roof won’t stick out like a sore thumb once installed.

  • Total Compliance

Strict compliance is imperative when it comes to your HOA and its governing CC&Rs. Depending on how they tolerate violations, they could charge you with a fine and ask you to correct the mistake. This may involve a complete redo of your roof replacement project, which includes buying a new set of shingles.

  • Smooth, Hassle-Free Installation

Roof replacement involves numerous steps, from scheduling inspections and hiring roofing contractors, so you want to minimize delays as much as possible. Failure to secure approval from your HOA on your roof replacement beforehand can lead to its postponement.

What to Do When Requesting HOA Approval

To make sure your chosen color for your new roof gets approved, you have to take the following steps seriously:

  • Review your HOA’s CC&Rs. The HOA’s rulebook can be too much to take in given the immense amount of information found within it. You might not even remember some of the specific details, especially if it has been a long time since the documents were sent to you after moving into the neighborhood. In this case, it wouldn’t hurt to ask for an updated copy of the CC&Rs. Take the time to read it carefully to ensure you fully understand the rules and regulations, particularly those on roof replacement. These may vary between HOAs, but there should be a section describing what colors can and can’t be used on your home’s exterior.

  • Be prepared. The CC&Rs will cover the essential aspects of your roofing project, including the materials, style and color. Be ready with these details when submitting your request for HOA approval, making sure they comply with the guidelines. But even though they have a say on how your roof will look, other choices are left for you to decide. The CC&Rs urge you to adhere to a certain color scheme, but not when it comes to the roofing material’s shape and profile. It means that you can go with a different configuration for your asphalt shingles while ensuring the color palette remains consistent with the rest of the neighborhood.

  • Submit your request early. Securing approval from your HOA can take time. For one, the homeowners in charge of the committee are busy with their careers, household and other priorities. Turning in the necessary paperwork at the earliest opportunity ensures that your roof replacement project won’t be held up for too long. If the HOA is headed by a property management company, consult with the company regarding the current protocols on project approvals and ask someone to explain the process.

  • Work with a reliable contractor. To expedite the approval process, you can take advantage of the expertise of a reliable roofing contractor in your area. When choosing one for your roof replacement project, ask if they’ve previously worked with HOAs. Having good contractors by your side helps you keep in line with the CC&Rs while making sure your new roof is installed correctly. Expect an experienced team of roofers to draw up plans and communicate with the board of homeowners or the property management company throughout the entire process.

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