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What Are the Effects of Roof Sagging?

What Are The Effects Of Roof Sagging

Your roofing system is one of the most important components of your home. It protects you and your loved ones from external elements. As such, you want to make sure that your roof is in prime condition in order to perform with maximum efficiency. However, there are a lot of issues that can affect roofs, and one of them is roof sagging. 

What Are the Effects of Roof Sagging

Why Do Roofs Sag?

Roofs can sag due to holding excessive weight past its recommended limits or structural load. These kinds of objects include:

  • Snow and ice buildup
  • Wind pressure
  • Excessive sheathing and roofing material layers

Structural problems on your roofing system can occur due to the following reasons:

  • Improper roof design and construction
  • Roof aging
  • Environmental damage
  • Structural deterioration
  • Failure of support systems (walls and foundation)

You need to contact your local roofing contractors to address these issues as soon as they are spotted. Also, conducting regular roofing inspections can help detect small issues that can lead to major issues like leaks and roof sagging in the long run.

A sagging roof can come in many forms, each indicating its own cause. A ridge that droops in the middle can indicate undersized rafters or lacking internal bracing. Undersized rafters can also sag on the whole side or the entire plane of the roof. If your roof sags between the rafters or trusses, this means that the sheathing is too thin for the roof size and should be replaced immediately.

How to Prevent Sagging Roofs

One of the most effective ways to prevent your roof from sagging is reinforcing the frames. Bolstering and fortifying it internally can increase the amount of stress the roof can handle and prevent it from sagging. However, if the roof needs to be replaced, you can remove the old sheathing and replace it with larger rafters while the frame is exposed.

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