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The Truth Behind Common Wind Damage Roofing Myths

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Do you think that strong winds are the only cause behind lifted shingles? You might have heard of the terms “wind-lifted” or “wind-damaged” shingles, but not all damaged shingles are caused by wind effects. Here are some common myths and misconceptions surrounding wind-damaged roofs:

roof replacement wind damage

Myth: Your Lifted Shingles Are Always Caused By Strong Winds

Truth: Seeing lifted shingles on your roof doesn’t always mean the damage is caused by the wind. While there are cases where the shingles are blown off by strong winds and severe storms, this can also be due to poor installation. Even if your shingles are well-adhered to the underlayment, other factors like extreme temperature shifts make the material expand and contract constantly. This causes the shingles to get lifted more easily.

Myth: Wind Damage Is Hardly Noticeable Until It’s Too Late 

Truth: There are a few early warning signs professional roofing contractors look for to determine wind damage. To better prepare yourself for loose or blown-off shingles, make sure to look for any signs of minor window damage. This includes wrinkled shingles caused by intense wind pressure. It’s also better to have your roof checked professionally because roofers do a more thorough inspection and can make the necessary repairs. 

Myth: Wind Damage Can’t Be Avoided

Truth: This myth most likely came from the assumption that all roofing systems are vulnerable to strong winds. However, many modern roofs are built to withstand wind damage and other weather conditions. Some are even able to go beyond their life expectancy without suffering severe wind damage! This is often because those home- and business owners follow protective and preventive measures like professional maintenance checks that ensure the roof’s effectiveness against wind and other weather conditions.

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