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Spring Residential Roofing Maintenance Tips

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Regular roofing maintenance and repairs are necessary to protect your home’s investment, prevent more serious damage from occurring and save on energy costs. Spring is typically the perfect time to start assessing the condition of your roof. Here’s why and here are some tips to help you out. 

Spring Residential Roofing Maintenance Tips

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Springtime brings the potential for abundant rainfall and snowmelt, so it’s essential to follow good roof maintenance practices. Keeping eaves, gutters and downspouts clean should be a priority as they can quickly become clogged by debris. 

Clogging will cause water runoff to overflow onto the roof and into key areas of your home like electrical outlets or window seals, leading to costly repairs if not addressed quickly. 

Inspect the Roof for Damage

Algae, moss, dust and debris can accelerate the wear and tear of a roof throughout its life cycle. Visually inspect the roof’s surface for movement, which could be caused by underlying wood rot or issues with flashing. This could indicate water damage under shingles as well as any other areas in need of attention. 

Check for Moisture Damage

Inspect the attic for any signs that insects may have migrated into your asphalt roof or for pooling water, which can indicate roofing membrane damage. Remove and replace any insulation you find wet as it will not provide much benefit in its damp state, leading to higher energy costs. 

With the weather in spring, doing all these tasks will be much easier. Plus, there will be fewer hazards when it comes to doing roof repair and maintenance. Doing all these and performing whatever repairs or maintenance tasks are necessary will also prepare your roof for extreme temperatures during the summertime. 

Get Started on Your Roof Repair Project!

The roof is one of the more expensive components of a home. Regular inspection, maintenance and repairs are important in order to keep it functioning properly. If you have questions or concerns about your residential roofing system, don’t hesitate to contact Neumann Construction in Brainerd, MN, for assistance with all your springtime maintenance and metal roofing needs.

With our knowledge and expertise on both new construction roofs as well as existing structures, we can provide you peace of mind that comes with knowing proper care is being given to this key component of your home. Call us at (218) 270-0009 or fill out our contact form to request a quote.