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Roof Shingle Color: What to Ask Yourself When Choosing One

Roof Shingle Color What To Ask Yourself When Choosing One

When investing in a new shingle roofing system, you should consider not only its longevity and durability, but also its aesthetics. After all, your roof is one of your home’s largest and most visible design elements. To ensure it creates a good impression from the curb, make sure your shingle roof color matches well with your home exterior and trim. 

Roof Shingle Color What to Ask Yourself When Choosing One
  1. Does shingle roof color actually matter? Yes, it does! By choosing the right color for your new shingle roofing system, the overall appearance of your home becomes more cohesive. This allows you to enhance the architectural style of your home while drawing the eye up toward distinctive elements, such as gables and dormers. You’ll want your home to stand out better in the neighborhood – but not because of the conflicting (and unappealing) hues between your roof and exterior. And, when you pick a good shingle roof color, you can also avoid issues with your local homeowners association (HOA).
  1. Will my choice of shingle roof color affect my home’s energy efficiency? It does, but only to a certain extent. A dark roof color absorbs heat, making them a great option in colder regions while light-colored roofing is excellent in hot, sunny locations because it reflects solar heat. But what actually determines your new roof’s energy efficiency is its ventilation and insulation. That’s why, when investing in a roof replacement, you’ll want to make sure these two crucial elements are not only present, but done properly, as well.
  1. What shingle roof colors will work best for my home? You’ll need to take into account the color of your siding and trim. If your home has a gray or blue exterior, a dark gray or black shingle roof will be a good choice. A beige or tan colored home, meanwhile, will look best with brown, gray, black, green or blue shingles in solid hues. And, if you have a white home, almost any color will look perfect – just as long as it doesn’t break any subdivision rules or covenants of your HOA.

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