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How Proper Ventilation Can Lower Energy Bills This Summer

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Summer months can mean high energy bills, especially if your air conditioning system is being used often to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you’re looking to lower your energy expenses, then you need to check if the ventilation system in your attic is properly doing its job. With proper attic ventilation, you’ll get lower energy costs while also helping your roof last longer. 

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How Your Vents Work

Have you ever noticed your attic is often very hot during the summer months? That’s because your home’s insulation is preventing most of the heat from seeping into the interiors. But even insulation won’t always be enough to dissipate the heat. That’s where your roof’s ventilation system comes into play as it facilitates proper air circulation in your attic. Air intake and exhaust vents can generate a natural airflow of air that lets in the cool air and pushes out the warm air out of the attic.

The fascia along with the vented soffits protect your roof’s area under the rafters from debris, insects and rodents that would nest beneath the eaves. They’re usually made of wood, but you can also get them in aluminum or vinyl. Many homes with vinyl siding often use vinyl soffits, but if you want a material that will last better in the long run, solid aluminum is usually the better choice. 

Why You Should Prioritize Proper Attic Ventilation

Proper attic ventilation is what keeps your HVAC system from consuming more energy than usual. If it often gets too hot, and you rely too much on your cooling systems to reduce the heat, then it won’t just drive up your electricity bills, but can also lead to a premature breakdown. To avoid this, talk to professional roofing contractors about inspecting your attic and whether they can add more vents to push out the hot air more effectively.

Of course, you can also consider having attic fans installed to suck out the hot air more efficiently. Two of the most common types are whole home fans and attic ventilation fans, and they each achieve a similar goal in providing proper airflow in your attic. They also don’t consume as much energy as your HVAC system would, but they must be installed by a professional to ensure they suck in the cool air and blow out the hot air, and not the other way around!

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