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Choosing the Right Roof Vent for Your Property

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Roofs are durable and resilient, but without proper maintenance, they could fail at meeting performance expectations and break down sooner than their suggested lifespan. Installing the proper roof vents on your roof can prolong its life and help you avoid costly repairs. 

Choosing the Right Roof Vent for Your Property

 Types of Roof Vents

There are many types of roof vents, and they vary in appearance, function and advantages. The right roof vent for your property depends on several factors, such as local climate, price and type of roofing system.

Here are some of the most common roof vents that you can choose from, including the following:

  • Ridge Vents

One of the most common types of roof vents on the market, ridge vents are designed to appear like the shingles of a roof as they are positioned to run along the roof peak. They work by preventing other elements – such as critters, moisture and debris – from entering your attic while allowing a steady flow of air to get inside. What sets ridge vents apart from other types of roof vents is that they provide an even distribution of indoor air, ensuring stable temperatures inside your home. 

  • Turbine Vents

These vents have a distinct pot-like shape placed on top of warehouses and other large properties. They are ideal for areas that experience strong winds. With their large rotating blades, a large amount of hot and humid air is vented out per minute. Keep in mind that turbine vents can’t be installed on every roof. They also require soffits to be cleaned regularly to maintain a steady flow of air.

  • Electric Vents

Electric and solar vents are a good choice for tightly sealed homes since they suck out the air more quickly. They’ve become a popular choice because of their efficiency and impact on energy savings. However, remember that solar-powered vents don’t work in certain climates and situations. Furthermore, both electric and solar roof vents can possibly suck out cooled air if the roof and the space below it aren’t properly sealed.

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